Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Construction Work Abroad

Last February 8, 2012 a Job Order was approved by the POEA allowing a licensed recruitment agency in Makati City to recruit Construction Workers for placement in Construction Work Abroad. The said construction work abroad is in Japan and the POEA approval of its Job Order allows the recruiting agency to select 6 applicants who are most qualified for the said construction work abroad.

To apply for the said Construction Work Abroad, proceed as soon as possible to the office of Nevika Human Resource Internationale Inc. and forward your updated and detailed resume. For questions regarding the said construction work abroad, please contact Nevika Human Resource Internationale Inc. by dialing their telephone numbers listed below.

Nevika Human Resource Internationale Inc.
5151 B&D, Filmore Street
Palanan, Makati City
Tel Nos:
Email Add: nevika143@ph.inter.net

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